Aneesia DeJurnett Named June 2024 Employee of the Month

Celebrating Aneesia DeJurnett: Our June Employee of the Month

At WestMar, we are delighted to announce Aneesia DeJurnett as our Employee of the Month for June. Aneesia’s dedication, efficiency, and positive attitude have made a significant impact on our team and operations.

Dana and Amy have received wonderful feedback from our Property Managers, highlighting Aneesia’s quick turnaround time with any and all tasks assigned to her. Her efficiency in handling the majority of work requests has allowed Kristen to focus on other important projects, demonstrating Aneesia’s invaluable contribution to the team.

Aneesia’s cheerful demeanor and willingness to step in wherever needed make her an absolute pleasure to work with. She has developed a great rapport with our vendors, who appreciate her efficiency and welcoming attitude. Her proactive approach and team spirit are key reasons we value her so highly.

For these reasons, and many more, we are proud to name Aneesia DeJurnett as our June Employee of the Month. Congratulations, Aneesia!

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