Kristen Cloward - Employee of the Month

November's Shining Star: Kristen Cloward, Our Employee of the Month

At WestMar, we recognize the importance of celebrating the exceptional contributions of our team members. Today, we are excited to highlight Kristen, our Employee of the Month for November 2023.

The Challenge of Delegation and Training

Delegating tasks can be a challenging endeavor, especially when one anticipates the time and effort required to train someone for a specific job. Consider the complexity of training for multiple tasks within a role, and the need to repeat this process as employees advance or depart. It demands immense patience, consumes time, and can be a daunting task to balance while fulfilling one’s own responsibilities at 100%.  Kristen has taken on the vital responsibility of training new hires at the front desk, a role that requires mastery of various procedures and skills. What sets her apart is her unwavering dedication to this task and her extraordinary patience when teaching new team members. Her commitment to training is truly commendable.

Exceptional Grace Under Pressure

What makes Kristen’s dedication even more impressive is her ability to maintain composure during high-stress situations, such as emergencies at our properties. She seamlessly transitions between her desk and the front desk, all while keeping a warm and welcoming smile. This showcases her exceptional customer service skills and her unwavering commitment to being an exceptional teammate.

Recognizing Kristen: November’s Employee of the Month

Kristen’s tireless efforts in training new team members and her unshakable composure in challenging situations have earned her the title of November Employee of the Month. Her contributions reflect WestMar’s values, and we are honored to have her as part of our team.

Join us in celebrating Kristen’s well-deserved recognition. Her dedication to her role and her team exemplifies what it means to be an outstanding team player.